“The word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."
John 1:14

As the scripture clearly states, Christ was a proponent of change. And we believe and know that our youth are manifested in this dispensation, just as Christ was to represent change to other young people around the nation. Not only to be a representative of change, but to be holy vessels of honor that manifest God’s tangible glory in the earth, and to speak of the “Grace and Truth”, that God so desires to give to every young person that does not know Him.

The Grace and Truth Youth Ministry was birthed in the early 1990’s through the vision God gave Apostle Horton. Apostle and Pastor Horton have a burden and fervent passion to see young people saved, healed, delivered, and set free from the hands of the enemy. We make the VISION plain, and the word spoken in the Day Star Tabernacle International into bite size pieces for our youth, so they will understand where we are going and what part they play. We believe this will fortify the relationship of our youth and have them totally sold out and hooked on Jesus who is the word of God.

The youth ministry has a Semi-monthly outreach to the Paulding County Youth Detention Center in Hiram, Georgia in which the lives of many youth have been changed.

We have seen many youth come to the Lord and surrender all to the Lord Jesus.

The mission Grace and Truth Youth Ministry, of The Daystar Tabernacle International Inc., is to train this generation of young people to be whole-heartedly sold out to Jesus Christ through obedience, worship, and Godly character.

The Grace and Truth Youth Ministry Goal is to team up with parents, and arrest the enemy and remove him from the lives of young people. We are willing and ready to take back what the enemy has taken from our youth, families and from the Body of Christ Internationally..

Welcome Parents
We the staff of Grace and Truth Youth Ministry are so elated that you have allowed your child/children to be a part of such a dynamic youth ministry that believes in giving the devil a "Cardiac Arrest". Thank you for allowing God to use us to make an impact in the hearts and minds of your children. And as the counselors help the parent, and the parents help the counselors, we will train our children as a godly seed; impacting the nation and affecting the lives of other youth all over the world.

For those visiting this site we would like to invite you to become apart of the family of God and get your children involved in ministry. We believe in training children early to become the leaders God intended for them to be by instilling the word of God in them. We believe by doing this we can aim our arrows at the enemy and tear down every strong hold he has tried to place within the family unit.